Acta/33/2013 - SUMMARY


M. K. Aouf - A Subclass of Salagean - type Harmonic Univalent Functions with Missing Coefficients

V. Pescar - Generalized Pescar complex numbers and operations with these numbers

N. Breaz, D. Breaz, V. Pescar - Univalence of two integral operators

S. Porwal, A. Singh - Partial Sums of Generalized Class of Harmonic Univalent Functions Involving a Gaussian Hypergeometric Function

M. K. Aouf, R. M. El-Ashwah, E. E. Ali - On Sandwich Theorems for Analytic Functions Deffined by Convolution Structure

B.A. Frasin - Radius problems for certain subclasses of meromorphic functions

Z. Guo, M. Liu - Existence of nonoscillatory bounded solutions for a system of second-order nonlinear neutral delay differential equations

M. Mirzazadeh, S. Khaleghizadeh - Modiffication of truncated expansion method to some complex nonlinear partial differential equations

M. Eslami, M. Mirzazadeh - The simplest equation method for solving some important nonlinear partial differential equations

G. Sheng, H. Chuangxia, L. Lanzhe - -type Estimates for Multilinear Commutator of Singular Integral Operator with General Kernel

J. He, X.-M. Zheng, H. Hu - Iterated Order of Meromorphic Solutions of Certain Higher Order Linear Differential Equations With Meromorphic Coefficients of Finite Iterated Order

M. Mohamadhasani, M. Haveshki - Topological GT-algebras

M. Lakestani, M. Kazemian - Solving brachistochrone problem using homotopy analysis method

B.K. Dass, S. Madan - Repeated Low-density Burst Error Locating Codes

H. Yildirim, M. Z. Sarikaya - The Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev Inequality for Generalized Riesz Potentials

J. M. Heris, I. Zamanpour - Analytical treatment of the coupled Higgs equation and the Maccari system via Exp-Function Method

M. Neagu - From conformal deformations of the jet Berwald-Mor metric to some non-isotropic geometrical Einstein-like equations

K. Singh, P.N. Agrawal - An inverse theorem in simultaneous approximation for a linear combination of Bernstein-Durrmeyer type polynomials

S.Yadav, D.L.Suthar - Some global properties of -manifolds

P. Agarwal - Certain Multiple Integral Relations Involving Generalized MellinBarnes Type of Contour Integral

N. Balambigai, N. Rajesh, J. M. Mustafa - Weakly pairwise b-irresolute functions

S. S. Billing - On Certain Results for Sakaguchi Type Functions

T. Korpinar, E. Turhan - Tangent developable of general helices in the Sol space