Acta/32/2012 - SUMMARY


N.Subramanian,S.Krishnamoorthy, S. Balasubramanian - The matrix transformations on Orlicz space of

A. Ardjouni, A. Djoudi - Stability by Krasnoselskii fixed point theorem for neutral nonlinear differential equations with variable delays

P. Gochhayat - Sanswich-type theorems of some subclasses of multivalent functions involving Dziok-Srivastava operator

A. Sarkar, U. C. De, M. Sen - Some results on generalized - contact metric manifolds

C. A. Bektas, G. Atici - On Some Topological Properties of New Type of Difference Sequence Spaces

G. S. Ayhanoz, E. Kadioglu - Some results of p-valent functions defined by integral operators

N. Nyamoradi - Existence of solutions for two point boundary value problems for fractional differential equations with p-Laplacian

A. B. Khalaf, H. M. Hasan - On some new maximal and minimal sets via semi-open

O. P. Ahuja, P. Sharmay - Inclusion theorems involving Wright's generalized hypergeometric functions and harmonic univalent functions

N. Magesh, S. Porwal - Harmonic uniformly - stalike functions defined by convolution and integral convolution

A. Molkhasi - Groups, complete - groupoids and Cohen-Macaulay rings

I. D. Tazehkand, A. J. Akbarfam - Determination of Sturm-Liouville operator on a three-star graph from four spectra

D. Saglam, Y. Yayli - Three dimensional surfaces foliated by lorentz spheres in

V. Gupta, Ashima - A related fixed point theorem for n-metric spaces using continuity

H. Aydi, E.l Karapinar - Tripled coincidence point theorems for a class of contractions in ordered metric spaces

A. Al-Omari, E. Hatir - Some results related to topological groups via ideal topological spaces

C.S. Bagewadi, G. Ingalahalli, K.T. Pradeep Kumart - On irrotational C-Bochner curvature tensor in K-contact and Kenmotsu manifolde

C. Selvaraj, G. Gandhimathy - Subordination results for certain classes of analytic functions defined by a differential operator

G. I. Oros - On a new strong differential subordination

M. K. Aouf - Certain class of Meromorphic p-valent functions with positive coefficients

E. A. Elrifai , H. E. Darwish, A. R. Ahmed - Inclusion and neighborhood properties of some analytic and multivalent functions associated with an extended fractional differintegral operator

T. Korpinar, E.n Turhan, I.l H. Jebril - Construction of focal curves of timelike biharmonic general helices in the Lorentzian E(1,1)

H. Mahzoon - Neighborhood properties of multivalent functions defined using an integral operator

M. Fazlalipor Miyandoab, Korosh Arzideh and Davood Farbod - Fuzzy hypothesis testing With Fuzzy data by using Fuzzy p-value