Acta/29/2012 - SUMMARY


Yelda F. Karababa, Ayhan Esi - On some strong Zweier convergent sequence spaces

Mohammed K. Aouf, Tamer M. Seoudy - Inclusion properties for certain k-uniformly subclasses of analytic functions associated with Dziok-Srivastava operator

Romi Shamoyan, Haiying Li - Some remarks on the action of Lusin area operator in Bergman spaces of the unit ball

Virgil Pescar - Univalence of two integral operators

Adela Mihătă, Emil Simion - New trends in lattice-based cryptography

Christophe Chesneau -Adaptive wavelet regression in random design and general errors with weakly dependent data

B.A. Frasin -Sufficient conditions for univalence of integral operator defined by Hadamard product

B.A. Frasin - A subordination result for a class of analytic functions

Serpil Halıcı - On some Pell polynomials

M. K. Aouf, A. O. Mostafa, A.M.Shahin, S. M. Madian A note on subclass of analytic functions defined by linear operator

Alina Alb Lupaş - Certain differential subordinations using Sălăgean and Ruscheweyh operators

Mugurel Ionuţ Andreica, Nicolae Ţăpuş - Sequential and MapReduce-based algorithms for constructing an in-place multidimensional quad-tree index for answering fixed-radius nearest neighbor queries

Elif Yasar, Sibel Yalcin - Certain subclasses of harmonic univalent functions associated with generalized Salagean operator

A.T. Oladipo - On a new subfamilies of Bazilevic functions

Xhevat Z. Krasniqi - On |(N, p, q)(E, 1)|k summability of orthogonal series

Maslina Darus, Imran Faisal - Some subclasses of analytic functions defined by generalized differential operator

Zhi-Gang Wang, Feng-Hua Wen -A class of integral operators preserving double subordinations

Talat Korpinar, Essin Turhan, Iqbal H. Jebril -Timelike biharmonic curves according to flat metric in Lorentzian Heisenberg group Heis

Talat Korpinar, Essin Turhan, Gulden Altay - Inextensible flows of developable surfaces associated focal curve of helices in euclidean 3-space

A. K. Mishra, T. Panigrahi - The Fekete-Szeg¨o problem for a class defined by the Hohlov operator

R. M. El-Ashwah - Properties of certain class of p-valent meromorphic functions associated with new integral operator

G. Murugusundaramoorthy, R.K.Raina - Certain classes of harmonic functions associated with Fox-Wright generalized hypergeometric function

Siraj Uddin, Meraj Ali Khan, Kushwant Singh - A note on totally umbilical pseudo-slant submanifolds of a nearly Kaehler manifold

Roxana Şendruţiu, Georgia Irina Oros - Sufficient conditions for univalence of certain integral operators

M.H.Bijan-Zadeh, Faisal Hassany - Results in finiteness of graded local cohomology modules

Shokoofeh Ghorbani - Intuitionistic fuzzy congruence relations on residuated lattices

Camelia Mădălina Bălăeţi, Veronica Oana Nechita -Applications of the Roper-Suffridge extension operator to almost starlike mappings of complex order

F.F. Nichita, Bogdan Popovici - Yang-Baxter operators from algebra structures and Lie super-algebra structures

Ying-chun Li, Zhi-hong Liu - An iterative method for the generalized centrosymmetric solution of a linear matrix equation AXB + CY D = E

Nasser Aghazadeh, Elahe Ravash - An approach for solving functional integral equations