Acta/28/2011 - SUMMARY


Amina Angelika Bouchentouf, Faiza Belarbi - Study of the queueing model
of storage and transmission bandwidth allocation

Murat Sahin, Ali Bulent Ekin - On a probabilistic algorithm solving discrete
logarithm problem

Vasile Marius Macarie, Daniel Breaz - The order of convexity of some integral

Xiaoming Huang, Chuangxia Huang, Lanzhe Liu - Sharp function estimate
and boundedness on Morrey spaces for multilinear commutator of Marcinkiewicz

R. M. El-Ashwah, M. K. Aouf, Nicoleta Breaz - On Quasi-Hadamard products
of p-valent functions with negative coefficients defined by using a differential

Natalia C. Ro¸sca, Alin V. Ro¸sca - Applications of a combined Monte Carlo
and Quasi-Monte Carlo method to pricing barrier options

Zhi-jie Nan, Wei-jun Chen, Ming-xing Luo, Lin Li - Periodic solution of a
discrete Lotka-Volterra system with delay and diffusion

N.Subramanian - On a generalized double difference sequence spaces defined
by a X− sequence of modulus functions

Nguyen Thanh Chung - Multiple solutions for a fourth order elliptic equation
with Hardy type potential

Nicussor Minculete - Concerning some arithmetic functions which use exponential

Dan Miclaau¸s, Petru I. Braica - Some results concerning calculation of the
test functions by Bernstein type operators

Ayhan Esi - Lacunary statistical convergence of difference double sequences

A. Jabbari, H. Kheiri - The -expansion method for solving coupled
potential KdV and coupled MKdV equations

Bahman Askari, Mehdi Alaeiyan - The vertex domination polynomial and
edge domination polynomial of a graph

V. G. Gupta, Patanjali Sharma - Symmetries and the differential form for
a nonlinear diffusion equation with convection term

Han Xiangling - The application of the ordinary differential equation in
solving indefinite integration

Abdul Latif, Marwan A. Kutbi - On multivalued Caristi type fixed point

Ahmad H. A. Bataineh - On lacunary almost convergent sequences

Abdelkrim Aliouche, Valeriu Popa - Common fixed point theorems for occasionally
weakly compatible mappings in compact metric spaces

Ismat Beg, Mujahid Abbas, Talat Nazir - Fixed point results in generalized
cone metric spaces

N. Daili - About natural spline functions of interpolation and their applications

Vakeel A. Khan - Spaces of strongly almost summable difference sequences

Tunay Bilgin - f-Asymptotically lacunary equivalent sequences

Nguyen Huy Tuan, Dang Duc Trong - A note on a nonlinear backward heat
equation: stability and error estimates

F. Muge Sakar, H. Ozlem Guney - On harmonic uniformly starlike functions defined by an integral operator defined by an integral operator

B. Kunwar, Brahma Dutta Pandey - Inverse and saturation theorems for
linear combinations of a new class of linear positive operators

Ali Shokr, Abbas Ali Shokri - Boundaries and peak points for -Lipschitz
operator algebras

Mehrdad Lakestani, Mahmood Jokar - The solution of a second-order nonlinear
differential equation with Neumann boundary conditions using trigonometric
scaling functions for Hermite interpolation

Mark Budden, Sean Eastman, Scott King, Alexander Moisant - Permutations
of rational residues

R. M. El-Ashwah, M. K. Aouf - Differential subordination and superordination
for certain subclasses of analytic functions involving an extended integral

L. Benalia, A. Chaghi, R. Abdessemed - Comparative study between a
double fed induction machine and double star induction machine using direct
torque control DTC

Saqib Hussain, Naveed Anjum, Imran Zulfiqar Cheema - Certain classes of
multivalent functions related with a linear operator