Acta/25/2011 - SUMMARY

Ahmet Tekcan, Arzu Ozkoc, Elif Cetin, Hatice Alkan and Ismail Naci Cangul, Arsham Borumand Saeid - Quadratic Forms, Elliptic Curves and Integer Sequences

Alb Lupas Alina - Certain differential superordinations using a generalized Salagean and Ruscheweyh operators

Alina Totoi - On some classes of meromorphic functions defined by a multiplier transformation

Mahesha, B.J.Gireesha, G.K.Ramesh, C.S.Bagewadi - Unsteady flow of a dusty fluid through a channel having triangular cross-section in frenet frame field system

Mugurel Ionut Andreica, Nicolae Tapus - Efficient online algorithmic strategies for severaltwo-player games with different or identical player roles

Ayhan Esi - On some double statistical convergence of Fuzzy numbers

M. Azram - On the metrization

L. Dileep, S. Latha - A note on generalized integral operators

S. Faraj Ramadan, M.Darus - Univalence criteria for a family of integral operators defined by generalized differential operator

Afaf A. Ali Abubaker, M. Darus - First order linear differential subordinations for a generalized operator

Maslina Darus, Imran Faisal - Differential subordination results for classes of the family

Mehdi Alaeiyan, M. K. Hosseinipoor - A classification of the cubic S-regular graphs of orders 12p and 12p2

Murat Sarduvan, Halim Ozdemir - On nonsingularity of linear combinations of tripotent matrices

Gangadharan Murugusundaramoorthy, Kaliappan Vijaya, Nanjundan Magesh - On applications of generalized integral operator to a subclass of analytic functions

Nguyen Huy Tuan, Pham Hoang Quan - A Cauchy problem for Helmholtz equation:regularization and error estimates

Virgil Pescar, Daniel Breaz - Univalence criterions for some integral operators

Saleem Al-Ashhab - Special semi magic squares

Zhiwei Wang, Lanzhe Liu - Sharp function estimate and boundedness on Lp for multilinear commutator of pseudo-differential operators

N. Pankajam, A. Pushpaltha - A new approach to intuitionistic compactness

R. Zarghami - Coincidence the sets of norm and numerical radius attaining holomorphic functions on finite-dimensional spaces

Muhammad Arif, Sarfraz Nawaz Malik, Mohsan Raza - The effect of certain integral operators on some classes of analytic functions

Muhammad Arif, Asif Ali, Syed Inayat Ali Shah - Finite groups with at most five non T-subgroups

N. Subramanian, U.K.Misra - The semi Orlicz space of

Mohamed K. Aouf - A subclass of Salagean - type harmonic univalent functions

Mohamed K. Aouf - Differential operators for p-valent functions

I. B. Bapna, N. Mathur - Applications of subordination on subclasses of meromorphiclally univalent functions with integral operator

Oluwatosin T. Mewomo, Gbenga Akinbo - On approximate amenability of rees semigroup algebras

Ali Muhmmad - Some properties of the generalized class of non-Bazilevic functions

N. Gowrisankar, A. Keskin and N. Rajesh - Properties of strongly continuous functions

M. Saoud - Domination numbers of complete Grid graph

S. Irandoust, A. Golbabai, H. Kheiri, D. Ahmadian - Homotopy analysis method for solviong ratio-dependent predator-prey system with constant effort harvesting by using two parameters H1 and H2

Erol Yasar - On Lorentzian Sasakian manifolds proper semi-invariant submanifold in Lorentzian -Sasakian manifolds