Acta/22/2010 - SUMMARY

Maslina Darus, Rabha W. Ibrahim, Nikola Tuneski, Acu Mugur - Classes of meromorphic functions with respect to N-symmetric points

Alina Alb Lupas - On a subclass of analytic functions defined by Ruscheweyh derivative and generalized Salagean operator

M. K. Aouf, M. M. Hidan - Subordination properties for certain class of analytic functions defined by an extended multiplier transformation

R. M. El-Ashwah - Differential subordination defined by using extended multiplier transformations operator at the class of meromorphic functions

Dang Duc Trong, Pham Hoang Quan, Nguyen Huy Tuan - A final value problem for heat equation: regularization by truncation method and new error estimates

Ahmet Tekcan - The cubic congruence and binary quadratic forms

G. Ebadi, S. Rashedi - The extended Adomian decomposition method for fourth order boundary value problems

Ali Ayad - Puiseux series solutions of ordinary polynomial differential equations: Complexity study

Bandana Das, Arindam Bhattacharyya - Pseudo projectively flat manifolds satisfying certain condition on the Ricci tensor

Angel Garrido -Fuzzy boolean algebras and Lukasiewicz logic

Ayhan Esi, Ayten Esi - Strongly convergent generalized difference sequence spaces defined by a modulus

Benharrat Belaidi, Abdallah El Farissi - Some results on the complex oscillation theory of some differential polynomials

C. Boonpok -Generalized closed sets in Cech closure spaces

T.Nirmala, B.J.Gireesha, C.S.Bagewadi, C.S.Vishalakshi-Unsteady flow of a dusty fluid through an inclined open rectangular channel

Erdal Ekici, Saeid Jafari -On w*-closed sets and their topology

H. Kheiri, A. Jabbari- The (G'/G)-expansion method for solving the combined and the double combined sinh-cosh-Gordon equations

Ishak Altun -Common fixed point theorem for maps satisfying a general contractive condition of integral type

Virgil Pescar -Integral operators on a certain class of univalent functions

Dorin Andrica, Dana Mangra - Morse-Smale characteristic in circle-valued Morse theory

Mircea Dimitrie Cazacu -A better numerical solution stability by using the function developments in Cazacu’s proper series

Mircea Andrasiu, Andrei Oprina, Emil Simion, Gheorghe Simion- Monte-Carlo detection of the outliers data and cryptographic applications

Ovidiu T. Pop, Dan Barbosu, Petru I. Braica - Some results regarding the Bernstein polynomials