Acta/16/2010 - SUMMARY


Mugur Acu - Some properties involving quasi-convolution products concerning some special classes of univalent functions

Daniel Breaz, Shigeyoshi Owa, Nicoleta Breaz - A new integral univalent operator

Daniel Breaz - The integral operator on the SP class

Alin V. Rosca - Risk Management using VaR Simulation with applications to Bucharest Stock Exchang

Adrian Constantinescu - Schemes dominated by algebraic varieties and some classes of scheme morphisms. I

Ana Maria Acu, Mugur Acu, Arif Rafiq - The estimates for the remainder term of some quadrature formulae

Arif Rafiq, Ana Maria Acu - On fixed points of pseudocontractive mappings

Alexandru V. Blaga - The metric regularity of polynomial functions in one or several variables

Georgia Irina Oros - A new differential inequality

Horiana Tudor - An univalence criteria for a class of integral operators

Mircea D. Farcas - About approximation of B-continuous functions of three variables by GBS operators of Bernstein type on a tetrahedron

B.J.Gireesha, C.S.Bagewadi, P.Venkatesh, B.C.Prasanna Kumara - Unsteady Flow of a Conducting Dusty Fluid Near an Accelerated Plate

Ovidiu T. Pop - One Kantorovich-type operator

M. Caglar, Y. Polatoglu, A. Sen, E. Yavuz, S. Owa - Multivalued Starlike Functions of Complex Order

Peter V. Danchev - On isomorphic commutative group algebras of abelian groups with p -projective quotients

Veronica O. Nechita - Differential subordinations and superordinations for analytic functions defined by the generalized Salagean derivative

Virgil Pescar - On the univalence of some integral operators

Cristinel Mortici - A study of the stationary reactive flow of a fluid cofined in n-dimensional domains with holes using fixed point theory

Dorin Wainberg - Some mechanical systems and their equilibrium states

Sedat Ylhan, Ruveyde Kyper - On the Frobenius number of some Lucas numerical semigroups