Acta/15/2010 - SUMMARY


Adrian Constantinescu - Homage to the memory of professor Gheorghe Galbura

Florin Ambro - Recent advances in the theory of minimal models

Ana Maria Acu - About an intermediate point property in some quadrature formulas

Nicoleta Breaz, Mihaela Aldea - On the smoothing spline regression models

Cristian Anghel - Restriction of stable bundles on a Jacobian of genus 2 to an embedded curve

Esfandiar Nava-Yazdani - A general class of nonlinear univariate subdivision algorithms and their Smoothness

Ion Al. Craciun - Propagation of stress waves in elastic solids

Cosmin Pelea - Products of multialgebras and their fundamental algebras

Omer Onalan - Equivalent martingale measures for Levy processes

Daniele Ettore Otera - Some remarks on the ends of groups

Virgil Pescar, Daniel Breaz - Some integral operators and their univalence

Ionel Mos - Multiple Hamiltonian structures for the Ishii's equation

Afrodita Iorgulescu - Monadic involutive pseudo-BCK algebras

Ioan Ursu, Felicia Ursu, Andrei Halanay, Carmen Anca Safta - Equilibrium Stability of a Servo Actuating Flight Controls in a Servoelastic Framework

Ludovic Dan Lemle - Desch-Schappacher perturbation theorem for -semigroups on the dual of a Banach space

Luminita Grecu - A boundary element approach for the compressible fluid flow around obstacles

Traian Marius Truta, Alina Campan, Michael Abrinica, John Miller - A Comparison between Local and Global Recoding Algorithms for Achieving Microdata p-Sensitive k-Anonymity

Bazil Parv- The architecture of software systems and computing curricula

Maria Parv - PLANFIN - a decision support system for bondportfolio selection

Lucia Cabulea - Some properties of the Schurer type operators

Mihoc Ion, Fatu Cristina-Ioana - Some measures of amount of information for the linear regression model

Mircea Dimitrie Cazacu - Bondary mathematical problems in viscous liquid three-dimensional flows

Dana Grecov - Characterization and multiscale modeling of liquid crystalline materials and their biological analogues

Dorin Andrica, Mihai Piticari - On some interesting trigonometric sums

Adrian Petrescu - G-n-quasigroups

Adrian Petrescu - G-n-quasigroups and functional equations on quasigroups

Svetlana Topalova, Stela Zhelezova - On an algorithm for a double-resolvability test

Tadayuki Sekine, Shigeyoshi Owa and Rikuo Yamakawa - Notes on integral means inequalities

Tsetska Rashkova - The Robson cubics for matrix algebras with involution

Ilie Valusescu - On nonstationary periodically correleted processes in complete correlated actions

Liepa Bikulciene, Zenonas Navickas - Practice of operator relationships in symbolical calculus

Camelia Madalina Balaeti - A class of holomorphic functions defined by integral operator

Adela Ionescu, Mihai Costescu - Some qualitative features of 2D periodic mixing model

Adrian Sandovici - Characterizations of nonnegative selfadjoint extensions

Zdravko Dimitrov Slavov - The fixed point property in convex multi-objective optimization problem