Acta/11/2010 - SUMMARY

Mugur Acu - On a class of _-convex functions

Adela Ionescu - Some qualitative features of turbulent mixing for far from equilibrium phenomena

Alina Constantinescu - A synthesis of the estimators properties for the nonlinear models with random parameters

Gheorghe Atanasiu - N-linear connections and JN-linear connections on second order tangent bundle T2

Lucia Cabulea - Sensitivity analysis of costs in a transpostation problem

Dana Simian, Corina Simian - Some results in multivariate interpolation

Eduard Edelhauser - Autodesk inventor a software for motion simulation

Eduard Edelhauser, Marius Toth - Petri nets for modeling a supply chain management process

Grigoreta Sofia Moldovan, Adriana Mihaela Tarta - Designing a Task Analysis Tool Using JHotDraw and Design Patterns

Ioan Golet- On generalized probabilistic 2-normed spaces

Ioana Tascu, Andrei Horvat-Marc - Construcion of Stancu-Hurwitz operator for two variables

Iuliana Florentina Iatan - A statisctical supervised classification using a perceptron criterion function

Remus Joldes, Emil Olteanu, Horea Joldes - Using econometric models for solving economic issues. the computer assisted approach

Wilhelm W. Kecs - The cylindrical transform DC (R,Z)of the functions space D(R3)

Edith Kovacs - The use of copulas in the study of certain transforms of random variables with applications in finance

Luminita Grecu - The boundary element method with linear boundary elements for the Stokes flow

Traian Marius Truta, Farshad Fotouhi, Daniel Barth-Jones - Global disclosure risk measures and K-anonymity property for microdata

Mihaela Ciortea - Analysis of manufacturing systems modelling by petri nets

Vlad Monescu - Algorithm to working with sparse matices

Monica Purcaru, Mirela Tarnoveanu - Some observations on a class od Dlinear connections on the tangent bundle

Florin Felix Nichita - New solutions for Yang-Baxter systems

Nicoleta Breaz, Daniel Breaz - On the spline functions in data analysis framework

Marian Olaru Ion - The asymptotic equivalence of the differential equations with modified argument

Georgia Irina Oros - Differential subordinations defined by using Salagean Differential operator at the class of meromorphic functions

Raluca-Mihaela Georgescu - Bifurcation in a model of the population dynamics

Sorin Stefan Radnef - Control laws free of smooth perturbation terms

Ioan Tincu - On some P-convex sequences

Ioan Ursu, Georgeta Tecuceanu, Felicia Ursu, Radu Cristea- Neuro-fuzzy control is sometimes better then crisp control

Nicolae Crainic-Counting some multidimensional interpolation schemes

Sorin Briciu, Ionela Gavrila Paven - Quantitative aspects of the economic growth

Emiliana Ursianu, Radu Ursianu, Victor Ursianu - An iterative nonlinear regression for polarisation/depolarisation currents

Barna Iantovics - A novel intelligent mobile agent architecture

Calin Adrian Comes, Nicolae Ghisoiu - Data constraint language

Grigor Moldovan, Madalina Valeanu - Integrity constraints in distributed databases

Horea Adrian Grebla - Game theory in data allocation for distributed databases

Ileana Stefan - Databases-data warehouse

Laura Diosan, Dumitru Dumitrescu, Delia david - Far from equilibrum computation and particle swarm optimization

Catalin Mitran - On some mathematical models of the discrete and continuous dynamical system with applications

Athanasios Tsakiris, Ioannis Filippidis, Nikos Grammalidis, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Michael G. Strintzis - Remote experiment laboratories using virtual reality technologies: the VRLAB project

Adela Socol, Ionela Gavrila Paven - Investments' evolution regarded through an conometric model

Maria Dobritoiu - On an integral equation with modified argument

Ioan Ileana, Corina Rotar, Ioana Maria Ileana - Genetic methods used in artificial neural networks design