Acta/10/2010 - SUMMARY

Andrey Valuev - Control problem for Event-Switched processes

Angel Garrido - Improving the Classification of Complexities

Adela Chis - An continuation results for Fredholm integral equations on locally convex spaces

Adela Mihai - Warped product submanifolds in quaternion space forms

Adrian Petrescu - Skew elements in n-semigroups

Costel Aldea - Measuring the performance for parallel matrix multiplication  algorithm

Elefterie Olaru, Eugen Mandrescu, Cristian Ion, Vasile Anastasoaei Perfect transversals in some graph products

Anca Gog, Dan Dumitrescu - A new search model for evolutionary algorithm

Bogdana Pop - Penalty method algorithm for fuzzy linear fractional optimization

Tatiana Liubienova Todorova - An additive divisor problem

Ciresica Jalobeanu - Probabilistic finite state automata and time series analysis

Dragos Patru Covei - A few results about the p-Laplace's operator

Daniel Breaz, Nicoleta Breaz - An integral univalent operator II

Daniela Inoan - Stability of a variational inequality with respect to domain perturbations

Ioana Dragomirescu, Adelina Georgescu - Application of the direct method to a microconvection model

Ion Mihai - Ideal slant submanifolds in complex space forms

Ivan Chipchacov - On nilpotent Galois groups and the scope of the norm limitation theoren in one-dimensional abstract local class field theory

Cristian Kevorchian, Laurentiu Modan - A combinatorial topology approach of data consolidation

Madalina Roxana Buneci - A notion of open generalized morphism that carries amenability

Petrica Claudiu Pop - On some polynomial solvable cases of the generalized minimum spanning tree problem

Liviu Cadariu, Viorel Radu - Stability results for some functional equations of quadratic-type

Viorica Ungureanu - Tracking problem for linear periodic, discrete-time stochastic systems in Hilbert spaces

Nicolae Mera - Hybrid GA-SQP algorithms for three-dimensional boundary detection problems in potential corrosion damage

Anca Curteanu, Lionel Elliot, Derek Ingham, Daniel Lesnic - An alternative method for solving direct and inverse Stokes problems

Daciana Alina Alb - Remarks on epireflective subcategories of the category of topological modules

Alina Campan, Adrian Darabant, Gabriela Serban - Clusterig tehniques for adaptive horizontal fragmentation in object oriented databases

Vasile Lupse, Ioan Dzitac - A design based of object programming of a module of integrated ERP systems for small and medium enterprises

Maria Jivulescu - Dynamic localization of a charged particle under the influence of generalized electric field

Marieta Gata - An experimental speaker-independent system for isolated word recognition implemented for romanian language

Vadim Levit, Eugen Mandrescu - Square-stable and well-covered graphs

Dorin Wainberg - Currents on Lie groups

Barna Iantovics - A novel medical diagnosis system

Domotor Pinter, Lajos Ronyai - Standard monomials of some symmetric Sets

Sergejs Nazarovs - Stabilitz analysis of shallow wake flows with free surface

Mihaela Aldea - Some results concerning the number of critical points of a smooth map

Grigorova Rashkova Tsetska - Polynomial identities in superalgebras with Superinvolutions

Ion Mihoc, Cristina I. Fatu - On the invariance property of the Fisher information for a truncated lognormal distribution (I)

Dorin Andrica, Mihai Piticari - On a class of sequences defined by using Riemann integral