Acta Math. Acad. Paed. Nyíregyháziensis
15 (1999), 9-18

The factorization of Abelian groups

Khalid Amin


If G is a finite abelian group and n>1 is an integer, we say that G is n-good, if from each factorization $G=A_{1}A_{2}\cdots A_{n}$ of G into direct product of subsets, it follows that at least one of the subsets Ai is periodic, in the sense that there exists $x\in G-\{e\}$ such that xAi=Ai. In this paper, we shall study some 3-groups with respect to this property.

Mathematics Subject Classification. 20K01, 05E99.

Key words and phrases. Abelian groups, factorization.

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