Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ


Volumen 31, 2006

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Beardon, A.F., and T.W. Ng: Parametrizations of algebraic curves, pp. 541-554.

Bergweiler, Walter: Fixed points of composite entire and quasiregular maps, pp. 523-540.

Bieske, Thomas: Equivalence of weak and viscosity solutions to the p-Laplace equation in the Heisenberg group, pp. 363-379.

Bildhauer, Michael, and Martin Fuchs: Higher order variational problems on two-dimensional domains, pp. 349-362.

Björn, Anders: Removable singularities for bounded p-harmonic functions and quasi(super)harmonic functions, pp. 71-95.

Broch, Ole Jacob: Extension of internally bilipschitz maps in John disks, pp. 13-30.

Carrión, Humberto, Pablo Galindo, and Mary Lilian Lourenço: Banach spaces whose bounded sets are bounding in the bidual, pp. 61-70.

Chang, Jianming, and Mingliang Fang: On entire functions that share a value with their derivatives, pp. 265-286.

Cruz-Uribe, D., SFO, A. Fiorenza, J.M. Martell and C. Pérez: The boundedness of classical operators on variable Lp spaces, pp. 239-264.

Di Biase, Fausto, Alexander Stokolos, Olof Svensson and Tomasz Weiss: On the sharpness of the Stolz approach, pp. 47-59.

Fuglede, Bent: A sharpening of a theorem of Bouligand. With an application to harmonic maps, pp. 173-190.

Futamura, Toshihide, Yoshihiro Mizuta, and Tetsu Shimomura: Sobolev embeddings for variable exponent Riesz potentials on metric spaces, pp. 495-522.

Goblet, Jordan: A selection theory for multiple-valued functions in the sense of Almgren, pp. 297-314.

Halburd, R.G., and R.J. Korhonen: Nevanlinna theory for the difference operator, pp. 463-478.

Kanas, Stanislawa, and Toshiyuki Sugawa: On conformal representations of the interior of an ellipse, pp. 329-348.

Kraus, Daniela, and Oliver Roth: Weighted distortion in conformal mapping in euclidean, hyperbolic and elliptic geometry, pp. 111-130.

Li, Xiaonan, Fernando Pérez-González, and Jouni Rättyä: Composition operators in hyperbolic Q-classes, pp. 391-404.

Liu Ming-Sheng and Zhang Xiao-Mei: Fixed points of meromorphic solutions of higher order linear differential equations, pp. 191-211.

Martín, Joaquim, and Javier Soria: Characterization of rearrangement invariant spaces with fixed points for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator, pp. 39-46.

McShane, Greg: Simple geodesics on surfaces of genus 2, pp. 31-38.

Navas, Andrés: On uniformly quasisymmetric groups of circle diffeomorphisms, pp. 437-462.

Nieminen, Tomi: Generalized mean porosity and dimension, pp. 143-172.

Nyström, Kaj: Caloric measure and Reifenberg flatness, pp. 405-436.

Petracovici, Lia: Non-accessible critical points of certain rational functions with Cremer points, pp. 3-11.

Pérez-García, David: The trace class is a Q-algebra, pp. 287-295.

Rickman, Seppo: Simply connected quasiregularly elliptic 4-manifolds, pp. 97-110.

Sankaranarayanan, A.: On Hecke L-functions associated with cusp forms II: On the sign changes of Sf(T), pp. 213-238.

Saucan, Emil: The existence of quasimeromorphic mappings, pp. 131-142.

Short, Ian: The hyperbolic geometry of continued fractions K(1 | bn), pp. 315-327.

Storm, Peter A.: Rigidity of minimal volume Alexandrov spaces, pp. 381-389.

Tolsa, Xavier, and Joan Verdera: May the Cauchy transform of a non-trivial finite measure vanish on the support of the measure?, pp. 479-494.