Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ

Series A. I. Mathematica

Volumen 19, 1994

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Alestalo, Pekka, and Jussi Väisälä: Quasisymmetric embeddings of products of cells into the Euclidean space, pp. 375-392.

Anderson, G.D., M. Lehtinen, and M. Vuorinen: Conformal invariants in the punctured unit disk, pp. 133-146.

Bishop, Christopher J.: Some homeomorphisms of the sphere conformal off a curve, pp. 323-338.

Eriksson-Bique, Sirkka-Liisa: Characterizations of balayages, pp. 59-66.

Eriksson-Bique, Sirkka-Liisa: Elements generating balayages, pp. 399-410.

Gotoh, Yasuhiro: On multipliers for BMO on general domains, pp. 339-354.

Hidalgo, Rubén A.: The mixed elliptically fixed point property for Kleinian groups, pp. 247-258.

Hidalgo, Rubén A.: On Schottky groups with automorphisms, pp. 259-289.

Hinkkanen, A.: Zeta functions of rational functions are rational, pp. 3-10.

Hinkkanen, A., and G. J. Martin: Abelian nondiscrete convergence groups in the plane , pp. 205-246.

Järvi, Pentti: On the behavior of meromorphic functions around some nonisolated singularities, pp. 367-374.

Kilpeläinen, Tero: Weighted Sobolev spaces and capacity, pp. 95-113.

Kinnunen, Juha: Higher integrability with weights, pp. 355-366.

Li, Gongbao, and Olli Martio: Local and global integrability of gradients in obstacle problems, pp. 25-34.

Mattila, Pertti, and Joan Orobitg: On some properties of Hausdorff content related to instability, pp. 393-398.

Miner, Robert R.: Quasiconformal equivalence of spherical CR manifolds, pp. 83-93.

Peris, Alfredo: Quasinormable spaces and the problem of topologies of Grothendieck, pp. 167-203.

Soderborg, Nathan: An ideal boundary for domains in n-space, pp. 147-165.

Tukia, Pekka: On the dimension of limit sets of geometrically finite Möbius groups, pp. 11-24.

Väisälä, Jussi: Exhaustions of John domains, pp. 47-57.

Watson, Neil A.: Applications of geometric measure theory to the study of Gauss-Weierstrass and Poisson integrals, pp. 115-132.

Wu, Shengjian: Further results on Borel removable sets of entire functions, pp. 67-81.

Xiao, Jie: Carleson measure, atomic decomposition and free interpolation from Bloch space, pp. 35-46.

Yamashita, Shinji: The Pick version of the Schwarz lemma and comparison of the Poincaré densities, pp. 291-322.