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The idea of the EMS lectureship is to allow an institution inside the EMS area to invite a distinguished mathematician (in pure or applied mathematics) to give a series of lectures, and build a small conference around his presence. Typically, she or he would give between 4 and 8 lectures, complemented by talks of the participants to the meeting. The lectures of the main speaker should lead to a publication in an EMS Lecture Notes Series.

The aim is to maintain the rhythm of one such course per year, and to help dissemination and development of cutting edge subjects.

EMS Lecturer in 2005

The 2005 EMS Lecturer is Professor Nina Uraltseva (head of Mathematical Physics in St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia). She visits Portugal to give a series of lectures on Regularity of free boundaries in parabolic obtsacle problems. The lectures will take place in

Call for proposals for future EMS lectures

Proposals for future EMS Lectures can be sent at any time by e-mail to

Luc Lemaire
E-mail: llemaire@ulb.ac.be

An application should be introduced by a European institution, with agreement of the main lecturer, and include some plan of the meeting built around the course. The EMS will cover the travel expenses of the main speaker, and a lecture fee upon submission of a manuscript. It will help to obtain support for the meeting, provided it has an European dimension in participation.

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