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The EMS has launched a new format of joint meetings with its corporate member societies, following the model set out by the Portuguese Mathematical Society in the meeting that took place in Lisbon from September 12 to 14, 2003 (see

These "EMS- joint mathematical week-ends" will start on a Friday, and finish on the Sunday, both at lunchtime, so that they can be easily attended during term-time. Each would cover around 4 subjects, chosen by the local organisers to fit the research strengths of the local mathematicians, or new subjects they would want to develop. For each subject, a plenary lecture and two half-days of parallel sessions will be organised.
Past experience shows that such an internationalisation of the meetings of national societies helps to substantially increase participation. The EMS will help with scientific organisation, publicity and funding applications. With more than fifty corporate members, the EMS hopes to see regular meetings of this format. Note that mathematics departments or individual members can also plan such meetings.

EMS Joint Mathematical Weekend in 2006

Supported by the French societies SMF and SMAI, the Mathematical institutes in Angers and Nantes and the EMS organize a joint EMS mathematical weekend in
Nantes, France, June 16-18, 2006
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The EMS Joint Mathematical Weekends 2003-2005

Call for proposals:

Proposals for future Joint Mathematical Weekends can be sent at any time by e-mail to

Luc Lemaire

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