Eilat, Israel
February 24-28, 2002

First announcement


The school is an introduction on how to use computer algebra systems such as SINGULAR and MACAULAY2 and packages such as SCHUBERT (intersection theory) for research in Algebraic Geometry and applications. The program consists of lectures and practical exercise sessions in front of computer. Here are some of the topics to be considered: computer algebra systems, Groebner bases and syzygies, ideal and radical membership, manipulating ideals and modules, Hilbert polynomials and Hilbert functions, elimination, computations in local rings and Milnor numbers, homological algebra (constructive module theory, Ext and Tor, sheaf cohomology, Beilinson monads), primary decomposition, normalization, rings of invariants, parametrization, deformations, intersection theory, applications to special varieties, computer vision and coding theory. The course will be directed by Prof. Wolfram Decker ( Saarbrucken, Germany). There will be additional guest lectures by Dr. Jeremy Kaminski (Bar-Ilan, Israel).


Please bring your laptop with you. 2 students can use one computer, so if you agree with a fellow student you can bring just one computer for 2 persons. Before coming you should download some software from the Internet -this will be made precise in January 2002.


The site of the Conference, Eilat, is the most southern point of Israel, a resort city hugging the shores of the Red Sea, surrounded by the magnificent Edom Mountain Range, characterized by its crystal clear waters and year-round sunshine. Its unique undersea vista, flora and fauna may be admired by boat or at a breath-taking Underwater Observatory and of course for the enthusiasts, by snorkeling or diving. The inland desert landscapes are no less fascinating. Eilat is well known for its mild winter climate. The weather in Eilat, during the month of February, is warm during the day and cooler at night. Temperatures range from 12C to 25C. It seldom rains in Eilat all year round. Participants who stay longer or come earlier might want to join some of many interesting day-trips which start in Eilat, either inside Israel or by crossing the border to Jordan or Egypt (Moon Valley, Akaba, Petra, Wadi Rum, Nuweiba, Colored Canyon, and even Santa-Catarina). (Reservation can be made on the spot through the hotels concierge.)

The school will take place in Hotel Meridian. The hotel special conference rates are $90 a day per person (FB) in a double occupancy. The registration fee is $80.

More details will appear in the second announcement.


You can get to Eilat by bus from the central bus station of Tel Aviv (about 4.30 hours). It is a very economical way and thus the one that we recommend.

The standard way to arrive to Eilat by air is to take a connecting flight to Eilat city airport from Ben-Gurion international airport. Currently there are some direct flights from Europe to Eilat. You may check this possibility with your own travel agency. Occasionally there are charter flights from Europe to Ovda Airport (40 minutes from Eilat, no regular bus services, just taxis or transportation provided by the charter company).

From the airport of Eilat or from the central bus station of Eilat, take a taxi to the hotel, or walk.


Number of places in the school is limited. If you are interested to attend, you should fax the below form by 15.9.01 to (972-3)-5353325, att. Boris Kunyavski, indicating arrival/departure data and credit card number.

Financial support for local expenses

If you belong to EAGER you can apply to your node coordinator for support. Otherwise, please contact Boris Kunyavski at the Emmy Noether Institute (eni@macs.biu.ac.il) indicating age, academic degree and institution where awarded, PhD thesis title, name of advisor, nationality, place of residence, affiliation.

If you are getting financial support from any of the above sources, please send your hotel receipts to the responsible party after the conference for reimbursement.


Prof. Mina Teicher and Prof. Boris Kunyavski of the Emmy Noether Institute. (Conference Secratery: Ms Chen Fireman)


EMS (European Mathematical Society), EAGER (European Algebraic Geometry Education and Research) and ENI (Emmy Noether Research Institute for Mathematics at Bar-Ilan University and the Minerva Foundation).

Registration Form

To be sent by fax to (972-3)-5353325, att. Boris Kunyavski:

Hotel Registration form
EMS/EAGER Summer School
Computational Algebraic Geometry
Eilat, HOTEL MERIDIAN, February 25-28, 2002

First (and other) name(s):
Credit Card number:
Arrival data (day and time):
Departure day:
Accompanying Persons (please include names, sex, ages if under 16):
Accommodation: single room
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