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Zbl.No:  584.10002
Autor:  Erdös, Paul
Title:  Some problems on number theory. (In English)
Source:  Publ. Math. Orsay 86/01, 53-67 (1986).
Review:  In this report, the author describes a wealth of old and new conjectures many of which he originated, and outlines the progress that has been made on them by himself and others. There are too many problems of similar importance to single out one to quote here, but the majority concern differences of two elements (not necessarily consecutive) in the sequence of primes (or of square-free integers, or of integers satisfying another property) and related questions. The readers will find plenty to interest and stimulate them and will, perhaps, be inspired to try and prove or disprove one of the conjectures still open, for some of which a reward is offered.
Reviewer:  E.J.Scourfield
Classif.:  * 11-02 Research monographs (number theory)
                   11N05 Distribution of primes
                   00A07 Problem books
Keywords:  problem collection; conjectures; differences of two elements; sequence of primes; square-free integers

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