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Zbl.No:  386.05001
Autor:  (Descartes, B.; Deza, M.; Erdös, Paul; Eggleton, R.B.; Holton, D.A.; Hartman, A.; Nason, D.; Straus, E.G.)
Title:  Problems. (In English)
Source:  Comb. Math., Proc. int. Conf., Canberra 1977, Lect. Notes Math. 686, 346- 349 (1978).
Review:  [This problem section is from the book announced in this Zbl 384.00005.]
Concerned are the following topics: 1. A problem on duality (B. Descartes), 2. Perfect matroid designs (M. Deza), 3. Permutation graphs (R.B. Eggleton and A. Hartman), 4. Tiling (P. Erdös), 5. Groups (p. Erdös and E.G. Straus), 6. Graphs (an extremal problem) (D.A. Holton), 7. Matrices (D. Nason), 8. Weighted graphs (E.G, Straus).
Classif.:  * 05-XX Combinatorics
                   05C99 Graph theory
                   05B35 Matroids (combinatorics)
                   05B99 Designs and configurations
                   05B30 Other designs, configurations
                   05B45 Tessellation and tiling problems
                   05C35 Extremal problems (graph theory)
                   05B20 (0,1)-matrices (combinatorics)
                   05B15 Orthogonal arrays, etc.
                   00A07 Problem books
Index Words:  Problems

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