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Zbl.No:  117.02901
Autor:  Erdös, Pál
Title:  Quelques problemes de theorie des nombres. (Some problems in number theory) (In French)
Source:  Monographies Enseign. Math. 6, 81-135 (1963).
Review:  In this important monograph the author has collected a great variety of problems (76 altogether) in the theory of numbers and has included useful comments and bibliographic references. The problems are gathered under the following groupings: Divisibility problems in finite sets; Divisibility problems in infinite sets; Problems on the sums and differences of terms in one or more sets; Problems on congruences, divisions, and arithmetic progressions; Prime number problems; Problems in diophantine analysis and similar questions. This monograph is an extremely valuable contribution to the literature in the field.
Reviewer:  W.E.Briggs
Classif.:  * 11-02 Research monographs (number theory)
                   11Bxx Sequences and sets of numbers
                   11Axx Elementary number theory
                   00A07 Problem books
Index Words:  number theory

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