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Homological algebra

[See also 13Dxx, 16Exx, 20Jxx, 55Nxx, 55Uxx, 57Txx]
18G05 Projectives and injectives [See also 13C10, 13C11, 16D40, 16D50]
18G10 Resolutions; derived functors [See also 13D02, 16E05, 18E25]
18G15 Ext and Tor, generalizations, Künneth formula [See also 55U25]
18G20 Homological dimension [See also 13D05, 16E10]
18G25 Relative homological algebra, projective classes
18G30 Simplicial sets, simplicial objects (in a category) [See also 55U10]
18G35 Chain complexes [See also 18E30, 55U15]
18G40 Spectral sequences, hypercohomology [See also 55Txx]
18G50 Nonabelian homological algebra
18G55 Homotopical algebra
18G60 Other (co)homology theories [See also 19D55, 46L80, 58J20, 58J22]
18G99 None of the above, but in this section

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