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Forms and linear algebraic groups

[See also 19Gxx] {For quadratic forms in linear algebra, see 15A63}
11E04 Quadratic forms over general fields
11E08 Quadratic forms over local rings and fields
11E10 Forms over real fields
11E12 Quadratic forms over global rings and fields
11E16 General binary quadratic forms
11E20 General ternary and quaternary quadratic forms; forms of more than two variables
11E25 Sums of squares and representations by other particular quadratic forms
11E39 Bilinear and Hermitian forms
11E41 Class numbers of quadratic and Hermitian forms
11E45 Analytic theory (Epstein zeta functions; relations with automorphic forms and functions)
11E57 Classical groups [See also 14Lxx, 20Gxx]
11E70 $K$-theory of quadratic and Hermitian forms
11E72 Galois cohomology of linear algebraic groups [See also 20G10]
11E76 Forms of degree higher than two
11E81 Algebraic theory of quadratic forms; Witt groups and rings [See also 19G12, 19G24]
11E88 Quadratic spaces; Clifford algebras [See also 15A63, 15A66]
11E95 $p$-adic theory
11E99 None of the above, but in this section

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