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MATHDI new software release
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Main Changes

Clearer navigation for MATHDI query pages:
  • "Search": Use this for standard queries.
  • "Advanced Search": Use this to query less frequently used search fields and to construct boolean expressions.
  • "Command Search": This query form gives you full control over the database by using a powerfull query command language.
  • "Citation Checker": Conveniently and quickly check your article literature references and get persistent links to individual MATHDI database items.
Integrated services (on left side menu):

Classification: combined classification and search

  • Browse MESC classification by topic or search for classifications whose definitions contain certain words.
  • Your choosen classification code is inserted into a query form, with an indication how many documents are there with that code. You may then further restrict your search.
Serials and Journals:
  • A database will be added soon.
Enhanced result display

Diacritical characters now appear in HTML output whenever possible. However, the full set of special characters is only available in DVI, PS, and PDF output.

Enhanced functionality of PDF output: Better screen readability, full MATHDI linking mechanisms embedded.

Direct links

Direct links to individual MATHDI items can be established once you know their MATHDI number:

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